Injury Prevention

The Injury Prevention Program's (IPP) mission is to reduce death and disabilities that result from intentional and unintentional injuries.

Intentional injuries are those that are self-inflicted or committed by another person, like suicide or sexual assault. Unintentional injuries are those that are considered "accidental" such as poisonings, falls, or motor vehicle crashes. Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death in New Hampshire for those aged 1-44 years of age.  Injuries often do not occur by chance and are thus preventable.

Much of the IPP's work is carried out by collaborating with the Injury Prevention Center at Children's Hospital at Dartmouth, the New Hampshire Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence, the Health Statistics and Data Management Section at DHHS and many community partners. The IPP:

Provides training and technical assistance to professionals and the public.

  • Promotes and implements prevention programs that work, such as the Teen Driver Safety Program, Rape Prevention and Education Program, and Older Adult Falls Risk Reduction
  • Provides injury-related data to inform injury prevention activities.
  • Evaluates the impact of these activities

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