Juvenile Justice Reform Commission

The New Hampshire Juvenile Justice Reform Commission serves as the voice of juvenile justice in New Hampshire through their work to enrich juvenile delinquency prevention efforts.  

The commission is a state advisory group established by Governor Sununu through executive order 2021-11 and in compliance with the Juvenile Justice Prevention Act of 1974 as amended by the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2018.  

The group also serves as the Council for Interstate Compact on Juveniles (ICJ) in New Hampshire.

The Commission meets every other month on the second Monday.  See Upcoming Meetings list for the next meeting date and time.


Members of the NH JJ Reform Commission

  • Cody Belanger, NH House Representative, Rockingham County (Chair)
  • Dr. Samantha Morin, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (Vice Chair)
  • Joseph Ribsam, Director, Division for Children, Youth and Families
  • Susan Ashley, Deputy Administrative Judge of the Circuit Court        
  • Steve Ranfos, Juvenile Prosecutor, Manchester Police Department
  • Geoff Wilson, Guardian Ad-Litem,  Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children
  • Michael Geha, Detective, Salem Police Department
  • Morissa Henn, Associate Commissioner,  Department of Health and Human Services 
  • Jorge Santana, Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker
  • Eddie Edwards, Assistant Commissioner,  Department of Safety
  • Pamela Jones, Managing Attorney NH Pub,lic Defenders Office 
  • H.D., Youth Participant
  • Richard Bergeron, Master Patrol Officer/School Resource Officer,  Hollis Police Department 
  • Nicole Rodler, Juvenile Diversion Coordinator, Rochester Police Department
  • Joy Barrett, Chief Executive Officer Child Advocacy Center
  • Allyson Clary, Juvenile Probation Parole Officer
  • Gerard Quin, Juvenile Probation Parole Supervisor
  • Mark Rolon, Birth Parent Advisor, Division of Children Youth and Families
  • Julia Spooner, Youth Participant
  • Lara Gruner-Orf, Clinical Director MPA - NH Community Based
  • Renee Touhey-Childress, Executive Director- Dover Children's Home

The NH JJ Reform Commission has subcommittees that focus efforts on specific areas of juvenile justice prevention, which include:

  • Ethnic and Racial Disparities
  • Executive
  • Legislative
  • Systems Improvement
  • Youth and Families

The Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) overseeing juvenile justice state advisory groups and their diligence to the core requirements:

  • Deinstitutionalization of status offenders
  • Separation of youth form adults
  • Jail removal
  • Disproportionate minority contact
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Upcoming Meetings

Ethnic and Racial Disparities Subcommittee

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Executive Subcommittee

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Legislative Subcommittee

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Systems Improvement Subcommittee

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Youth and Families Subcommittee

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