Juvenile Justice Services

Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) provides supervision and rehabilitative services to youth adjudicated under state law as delinquent or as Children In Need of Services (CHINS). JJS provides supervision, case management, and an array of rehabilitative services through its staff of Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers (JPPOs) and a network of community-based providers who are licensed and/or certified by DHHS.

Probation and Parole

Juvenile Probation and Parole Services are provided by Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers (JPPOs), who conduct investigations and provide supervision of delinquent minors and Children In Need of Services (CHINS), referred by either New Hampshire District Courts or NH Family Division Courts. 

Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers also provide supervision of committed delinquents paroled from the Youth Services Center. Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers are located in the 12 DHHS District Offices and 10 itinerant offices.

Who Qualifies for Probation & Parole Services

  • A NH juvenile may be placed on probation subsequent to being adjudicated as delinquent or as a Child In Need of Services (CHINS) by a NH District Court or NH Family Division Court.
  • Juveniles released from the Youth Services Center may be placed on parole.
  • If a juvenile is subject to the jurisdiction of another state or territory, the juvenile may be placed under probation and parole supervision pursuant the Interstate Compact on Juveniles. JPPOs provide probation and parole supervision of the juvenile or assist in the return of the juvenile to the state or territory that has jurisdiction.

Institutional Services

The Sununu Youth Services Center provides architecturally secure treatment for committed youth and detention services for NH youth involved with the NH court system prior to their adjudication.

    Community Programs

    All community-based services, both residential and non-residential, are administered by Juvenile Justice Services, through JJS institutional and field staff in cooperation with the NH court system. The services are then delivered by local organizations and providers. These services include

    • home-based therapeutic services
    • substances abuse assessment and counseling
    • mental health services 
    • an array of residential services,  including foster homes, group homes, and intensive treatment facilities

    Note: To find contact information for individual district offices, please visit our Locations page.