Sununu Youth Services Center

When the court deems necessary through a pre- and post-hearing process, a juvenile found to be delinquent may be court ordered to a secure institutional setting.

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SYSC Mission Statement

To work together as a team to provide safety, support, and treatment to the youth in our care to build a better life.

The John H. Sununu Youth Services Center (SYSC) is a 24-hour secure treatment facility that offers intensive treatment for New Hampshire’s detained and committed youth, both male and female, ages 13 to 17.

The program encompasses education, residential unit life, permanency planning, as well as clinical treatment services.

The goal at SYSC is to provide youth with ongoing assessment of their needs and strengths, as well as comprehensive mental health treatment. Treatment focuses on stabilization, mitigation of risk, and preparing youth for a successful return to the community, with reunification as a primary goal.

Eligibility for release and parole from SYSC is determined by the court and/or the juvenile parole board. 

The Sununu Youth Services Center is administered by the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth, and Families (DCYF).