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This is New Hampshire’s MDS 3.0 Section Q Training module and resource (national and local) website. The module and resources provide detailed information about MDS 3.0 Section Q and the Referral Process.

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Project Background

The MDS 3.0 Section Q, also known as the Person-Centered Transition into Community Living project facilitated a statewide community group to collectively develop the referral process for NH’s nursing home residents interested in learning about community living options.

The MDS is a clinical assessment used by all federally certified nursing homes for all residents. A revised version of the assessment called the MDS 3.0 was launched for use in October 2010. The Section Q of the MDS 3.0 actively engages the resident in determining their potential goal of exploring community living options for possible transfer back into community living. The Section Q question directly asks the resident if s/he wants to talk to someone to learn of community living options. For resident’s who respond positively, NH’s nursing homes are required to implement the referral process developed by the statewide community group.


About the Training Module

The MDS 3.0 Training Module is designed to:

  • Provide instruction on the implementation of Section Q of the MDS 3.0 assessment
  • Provide information on who to contact for Section Q referrals
  • Provide a description and illustration of the referral process developed by the statewide community group for Section Q referrals
  • Provide an introduction and illustration of person-centered systems and approaches


Training Modules and Resources

This 27 minute MDS 3.0 Training Module contains four chapters:

Each chapter addresses specific aspects of the referral process. You can view them at your own pace. Also, listed below is a resources list broken down by chapter in order to help enhance your learning process.

Resource List

Below is a list of resources with links and project documents. The list also includes multiple links to a variety of sites that will provide you with increased information on topics illustrated in the video.

Specific resource information is posted under each chapter and is pertinent to that chapter of the module. In particular, the Section Q tool, Referral Notification form, and the Referral Process Action Step can be accessed under Chapter II.

All documents developed by the Community Group for Section Q referrals can be found under the Chapter III.