Current Foster Care Daily Rates

Foster parents are reimbursed for the board and care they provide to children in foster family care. Rate of reimbursement is based upon the category of care that foster parents are trained or have received a credential for.


Daily Rate, effective July 1, 2024
General Rate
Age 0-5 $34.28
Age 6-11 $38.51
Age 12-17 $40.78
Specialized Rate
Age 0-5 $42.85
Age 6-11 $48.13
Age 12-17 $50.97
Emergency Care $55.38
Respite Care $46.15
Crisis Care $64.61


General Care

General Care is provided to children in foster care who are placed with foster parents who meet the general requirements outlined in the Foster Family Care Licensing Requirements He-C 4664. General foster family care parents must maintain (8) hours of training per year with a total of (16) hours of training as part of the re-licensing requirements.


Specialized Care

Specialized Foster Care service is provided to children in foster care whose needs have been assessed to require a higher level of skill and supervision. Specialized foster family care homes need to demonstrate sufficient skills and experience. Foster parents need to have completed the specialized caregiver training series and maintain (12) hours of training per year for a total of (24) hours to satisfy the relicensing requirements. 


Emergency Care

Emergency Care is a (10) day placement option provided to children who are experiencing an unplanned placement. Emergency foster family homes need to be trained in the Emergency Foster Care course.


Crisis Care

Crisis care is an option that provides (5) calendar days of placement services to children when the NH Department of Health and Human Service District Offices are closed. Foster parents who have earned this credential have been preapproved and been trained in the Emergency Foster care Training course.


Individual Service Option (ISO)

ISO Foster Care is a service provided by a certified private child-placing agency. "Individual Service Options" means foster family care in which a variety of intensive therapeutic, social, and community-based services are provided or coordinated to meet the individual needs of a child and his or her family.