Supports Available for Foster Care Families

Fostering and adopting foster children can be a challenging experience. You will have support from the Division for Children, Youth and Families.

The Caregiver Coordinator in the District Office is the foster parent's primary support person for all foster placement matches, re-licensing process, on-going training guidance, retention activities and support group connections. Caregiver Coordinators recommend child placements based on the needs of the child and the skills of the caregiver. Caregiver Coordinators are your first point of contact for all your needs regarding general foster care questions. 

A Child Protective Service Worker (CPSW) or Juvenile Probation and Parole Officers (JPPO) is assigned to each child and their parents.  It is the caseworker's responsibility to visit the foster home at least once a month and to maintain regular contact with the foster parents. The caseworker develops a plan with the child’s family that outlines the path to the permanency plan, and is part of a team that arranges for support services to the child, parents and foster parents to help realize the permanency goals for that child. Regular progress reports are made to the court. The CPSW/JPPO is the foster family caregivers connection and resource for all questions regarding the case plan for the child. 

Foster Family Caregivers and foster children have a variety of support services available to assist them with this journey. The following is a general list: 

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