If You Were in Foster or Group Care

DCYF is committed to assisting youth with finding connections to their past. If you were placed in foster family care or group care as a minor, and want to know more about that time in your life, you can request information from DCYF.

It is important to know that By law (169-C:35-a) Records Management of Abuse and Neglect Reports mandates how reports of concern to DCYF are kept and for how long.

  • If a DCYF case was open and you want access to your case file contact a local district office.
  • If you were adopted and are looking for information on your adoption records, please call: 603-271-4455 and ask to speak to the Permanency/Adoption Unit staff.

Other state and community resources to consider are:

  • Searching vital records in the town/city and state where you were born.
  • Contacting the school(s) district where you attended.
  • Make a formal request to the Court where oversight of your DCYF case occurred.

If you are looking for additional services that may be available to you as a former youth in foster family care or group care, more information can be found on the DCYF Aftercare Services page.