Child Care and Development Fund

Information and resources about the Child Care and Development Fund, which funds the Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration

The Office of Child Care (OCC) in the Federal Administration for Children and Families supports low-income working families by improving access to affordable, high-quality early care and out-of-school time programs. The OCC administers the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) — a block grant to state, territory, and tribal governments that provides support for children and their families with paying for child care that will fit their needs and that will prepare children to succeed in school. The Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration is extensively funded by the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). 

The CCDF also improves the quality of care to promote children’s healthy development and learning by supporting child care licensing, quality improvement systems to help programs meet higher standards, and training and education for child care providers. The OCC establishes and oversees the implementation of child care policies, and provides guidance and technical assistance to states, tribes and territories as they administer their CCDF programs.

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Read the new DHHS Child Care Strengthening Plan (June 30, 2022)


CCDF State Plans

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State Plan Public Hearing Notice and Presentation

Required as part of the public input on the state’s CCDF plan draft.


CCDF Quality Progress Reports (QPR)

Required annually, these reports are designed to update the federal government on the state’s plan, progress and challenges.


State of New Hampshire Child Care Serious Injury and Death Report

Required annually, the Serious Injury and Death Report report indicates the serious injuries and deaths that have occurred in licensed and licensed-exempt (enrolled with the state) child care settings across the state.


State of New Hampshire Child Care Emergency Plan

This plan is a required by the OCC. The Child Care Emergency Plan has been developed to formalize the manner in which the State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Economic and Housing Stability (DEHS), Bureau of Child Development and Head Start Collaboration (BCDHSC) will respond to and recover from emergencies affecting children, families, child care providers, and key stakeholders within New Hampshire


State of New Hampshire Market Rate Surveys

Required by the OCC, this survey assists the state in establishing the payment rates for the NH Child Care Scholarship Program.