NH Asthma Collaborative

This page gives an overview of what makes up the NH Asthma Collaborative.

The NH Asthma Collaborative is a group of stakeholders from multiple sectors committed to understanding and alleviating the burden of asthma in New Hampshire communities through a holistic framework of resource sharing, partnership, outreach, and education. Collaborative members come together quarterly for presentations on current asthma topics, to discuss their work, to share tools and resources, and to collaborate on improving asthma management in New Hampshire. Please contact the Asthma Control Program if you are interested in becoming a member; it is free to join and new members are always welcome. There are no participation requirements. Members also receive a monthly newsletter that highlights what is new in asthma control. Learn more about the Asthma Collaborative.

Within the collaborative several work groups meet to plan and implement initiatives targeting the many facets of asthma the state, such as workforce development, clinical quality improvement, healthy homes, and healthy schools. 

The Asthma Health Improvement-Asthma Educator Network (AHI-AEN) Workgroup works to improve clinical care of asthma across the state. Additionally, partners meet to discuss community programs for asthma patients, school-based interventions, home visiting programs, and asthma education.


The Occupational Hazards Workgroup aims to combat work-related asthma. As of 2014, over 25% of adults with asthma believed their condition was related to their work. Partners in this workgroup identify occupations with high rates of asthma and target education and training to people working in these fields.


The Bronchodilators, Spacers, and Nebulizers Implementation (BSNI) Workgroup aids in the implementation of the 2016 RSA 200:54, which provides emergency inhalers to schools for students with asthma. Partners work to procure medications for schools, train personnel on use, and understand the impact of such policies.


The School Health Workgroup collaborates to improve asthma management and awareness in school. By bringing together partners across the clinical and educational worlds, the group works on promoting the use of asthma action plans, implementing asthma self-management education, and creating a safe and healthy respiratory environment for all students.