NH Ryan White CARE Program

Information and resources for the Ryan White CARE Program, with the mission to support NH residents living with HIV / AIDS.

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For three decades, the NH Ryan White CARE Program (NH CARE Program) has served as a federal Ryan White CARE Act Part B grant recipient for the State of New Hampshire. Our mission is to optimize health for NH residents living with HIV/AIDS by ensuring access to high-quality services.

We share the Ending the HIV Epidemic national goals to prevent new HIV infections, improve HIV-related health outcomes, and reduce health disparities and inequities through integrated and coordinated prevention and care.


What services does the NH CARE Program provide?

The NH CARE Program pays for services supporting overall care to over 600 clients living with HIV. The services include working with community-based, health, pharmacy, dental and social service partners across New Hampshire.

The services provided include:

  • Durable medical equipment,
  • Food bank / Food Vouchers,
  • Health insurance premiums,
  • Home Health services,
  • Housing (short-term) and utility bills,
  • Interpretation and translation services,
  • Lab and Diagnostic testing,
  • Medical and Non-Medical case management,
  • Medical visit transportation,
  • Medical nutrition,
  • Medical visits and Outpatient co-pays,
  • Mental Health services,
  • Prescribed medicines,
  • Primary and Specialty Care services, and
  • Substance Use treatment.

How does a person get services through the NH CARE Program?

For a person to get services through the NH CARE Program, they must meet these guidelines.

  • Live in New Hampshire,
  • Be an adult living with HIV, or a child exposed to HIV while in utero (before birth), and
  • Cannot have a gross annual (yearly) income of more than 500% of the Federal Poverty Level Guidelines (FPL).
2024 Income Guidelines
Family Size Gross Annual (Yearly) Income at 500% of FPL
1 $75,300
2 $102,200
3 $129,100
4 $156,000
5 $182,900
6 $209,800
7 $236,700
8 $263,600

If there are more than 8 persons in the household, add $26,900 for each extra person.

How does a person apply for services through the NH CARE Program?

To apply for the NH CARE Program, please contact a local AIDS Service Organization or your healthcare provider.

AIDS Response Seacoast

  • Portsmouth, NH
    • 603-433-5377

Harbor Care

  • Keene, NH
    • 603-354-3241
  • Nashua, NH
    • 603-595-8464

HIV/HCV Resource Center

  • Lebanon, NH
    • 603-448-8887

Merrimack Valley Assistance Program (MVAP)

  • Concord, NH
    • 603-226-0607
  • Laconia, NH
    • 603-724-4936
  • Manchester, NH
    • 603-623-0710


If you have questions about applying for the NH CARE Program, you can call the program at 603-271-4502 or 800-852-3345, ext. 4502 (toll-free within NH).

How can a person get involved in HIV efforts in New Hampshire?

A couple of ways any person, clinical or general public, who wishes to join HIV efforts in NH can act is by joining the HIV Planning Group or the Medical Advisory Board.

NH HIV Planning Group (HPG)

The HPG was formed in 1994, to bring together agencies working in the HIV arena, as well as community members and support service agencies. The HPG is required by Federal funding for the state HIV/AIDS program funding. These meetings are open to the public.

The HPG meets quarterly and provides the following items:

  • Education about HIV/AIDS and topics impacting persons affected by HIV/AIDS,
  • Review policies and program concerns and how to improve/change these,
  • Input to prepare the HIV Integrated Plan (every 5 years and includes, but is not limited to, HIV prevention and care efforts),
  • A voice for People Living with HIV and those affected by HIV/AIDS to improve program efforts by sharing first hand experiences, and
  • Network with people and agencies, as well as identify new people and agencies to improve efforts in New Hampshire.

NH Ryan White CARE Program Medical Advisory Board (MAB)

The MAB is a committee of the HPG and meets every three months to talk about any policy or program concerns and how they impact HIV services for NH Ryan White CARE Program clients statewide.

If you would like more information or would like to join these efforts, go to the NH HIV Planning Group website.