Public Health Education and Detailing Team

Providing support to internal and external partners with a focus on infectious diseases.

The New Hampshire Public Health Education and Detailing (PHED) Team provides in person and virtual education, as well as, resource sharing with healthcare providers, community-based organizations, schools and other community partners. Our priority is to provide the most current information on infectious disease prevention, screening, testing and treatment in a non-judgmental way, while also being a resource for the community. To achieve this priority, partnerships are a must, and we always seek to create new partnerships while strengthening our current partnerships.

Areas of the PHED Team, include:

  • Viral Hepatitis

    • NH has funding to provide hepatitis elimination efforts, and is working closely with Vermont and Maine in a joint effort.

  • Public Health Detailing (for healthcare providers)

    • Providing detailed information on new and arising efforts to reduce infectious diseases in NH.

    • One-to-one setting (in person or through the use of electronic devices).

  • COVID / Infectious Disease School Liaison

    • This effort worked closely with the K-12 schools, preschools and colleges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    • Moving forward, this effort will incorporate other infectious diseases (HIV, STI, hepatitis, etc.), and how we can support the schools in these areas.

  • COVID Traveler's Health Communications

    • This effort works as part of the COVID Communication Team to provide up-to-date information, on health, which can impact travel, both within and outside of the U.S.

    • This effort also provides communication support to the other infectious disease program areas across the Bureau of Infectious Disease Control and other programs throughout the Division of Public Health Services.

  • Workforce Development/Training and Education

    • This effort provides support to primarily for internal staff member's professional growth with additional efforts on provider professional education/growth.

    • This effort relies on input from staff members and partners to identify training opportunities and/or needs and includes the following.

      • Working closely with both internal and external partners.

      • Providing training and education resources and tools.

      • Ensuring the information provided is:

        • Current and medically correct,

        • Meeting the needs of the partner,

        • Meeting health literacy and 508 compliance guidelines, and

        • Providing consistent information across the topic.

Public Health Detailing

Public heath detailing promotes connections with medical providers and healthcare systems to provide up-to-date information, including but not limited to, screening and treatment of infectious diseases. The public health detailing effort models academic detailing efforts. Through public health detailing, one-to-one visits, healthcare providers receive:

  • Tips on using proven prevention, testing and treatment/care for infectious diseases (HIV, STIs, hepatitis, TB, etc.),

  • Useful disease specific data and information to provide quality care for clients,

  • Support by having these services brought directly to them, and

  • Access to subject matter experts to provide them with added support, if needed.

What happens during a detailing visit?

  • The first visit is guided by a Public Health Detailer to grasp the needs of each healthcare provider and their office.

    • The healthcare provider will also receive a detailing kit with information on a specific infectious disease topic.

  • Added support can be provided, as needed, to the office or healthcare provider.

  • Healthcare providers are asked to fill out two brief surveys to:

    • Rate the detailing visit,

    • Shape our program and resources to meet their needs, and

    • Collect data on the healthcare provider's learning and use of the information provided.

What is in a Detailing Kit?

The Detailing Kits include:

  • Items specific to the topics covered during detailing visits and

  • Mainly for healthcare providers with some client/patient items.

A kit to meet the needs of a healthcare provider and their office can be requested at


  • Action kits are provided in both hard copy and digital format.

Current and Future Public Health Detailing Focus

Currently, the focus of the detailing effort is Expedited Partner Therapy, or EPT.

EPT allows a healthcare provider to provide antibiotics (medicine) for the sex partner(s) of a person who they have identified as having chlamydia and/or gonorrhea.

For more information on EPT, or other potential detailing needs/topics, contact us at