Radiological Health

The mission of the Radiological Health Section is to protect the health and safety of the public and occupationally exposed persons from unnecessary exposure to sources of radiation.

The Radiological Health Section has three primary focus areas:

Radiation Machines Program

The State of New Hampshire Radiological Health Section Radiation Machines Program is responsible for assessing, controlling and preventing exposure to radiation from tube based sources, and carries out its mission to prevent unnecessary radiation to the public through, registration, inspection, and enforcement. The Radiation Machine Program registers each x-ray, MRI machine, and any electronic equipment that produce radiation incidental to their operation, such as electron microscopes, in the State of New Hampshire. The Radiation Machines Program also registers any business or persons who provide any support services to these devices. Inspection reports and registration certificates are provided to registrants.

Radioactive Materials Program

New Hampshire is a U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Agreement State. Therefore, the Radioactive Materials Program is responsible for all regulation of the uses of radioactive material within the state except for power-generating at the Seabrook Station nuclear power plant and radioactive material use at federal facilities. Licensees are subject to the requirements contained in the New Hampshire Rules for the Control of Radiation (Chapter 4000), and are inspected for compliance with these rules.

Radiological Emergency and Incident Response

  • Ensures the health and safety of the public is protected in the event of a radiological incident by providing monitoring, accident assessment, and technical recommendations to state decision makers
  • Response and technical assistance to transportation or local incidents involving radiation

Radiological Health Rules

New Hampshire Rules for the Control of Radiation provide the following:


Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Licensure Contact Information

The State of New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services’ Radiological Health Section is not responsible for the licensing or registration of Radiological Technologist personnel.

If you have any questions regarding licensure and regulation of magnetic resonance technologists, nuclear medicine technologists, radiation therapists, radiographers, radiologist assistants and sonographers please contact the NH Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy.