Radiological Emergency and Incident Response

The Radiological Emergency Preparedness Program exists to ensure the health and safety of the public is protected in the event of a radiological incident

The Radiological Emergency Preparedness program organizes New Hampshire emergency response capabilities for a coordinated response to an incident at the Seabrook Station Nuclear Plan.

The NH Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management manages this plan, which defines a Unified Command between HSEM and DHHS, assigning joint decision-making responsibility for public health and safety protection.

The Radiological Health Section supports these efforts with subject matter experts that perform modeling, analyze data, and provide science-based recommendations to decision makers. RHS also coordinates field monitoring efforts.

For incidents involving radiological materials, and not nuclear power plants, the Radiological Health Section will lead the initial monitoring investigation, assess the potential consequences, and work with and support other response assets to protect the health and safety of the citizens of New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a member of the New England Radiological Health Compact, a mutual aid agreement established between the state radiation control programs of all the New England states. Through this compact, New Hampshire and its partner states are committed to share information and provide each other assistance in the event of a radiological event.


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