Health Services Assessment Unit

The Health Services Assessment (HSA) Unit plans, develops, evaluates, and integrates a variety of coordinated quality assurance, improvement, and management systems to measure objective goals linked to systemic health service delivery to NH citizens.

Quality Assurance Evaluation

HSA is involved in the evaluation of the following health service delivery systems:

  • Mental Health services delivered by NH’s ten Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC)
  • Case Management services delivered by NH’s seven Case Management Agencies
  • Designated Receiving Facilities (DRFs)
  • Substance Use Disorder services delivered by Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services (BDAS) contracted providers


Quality Improvement

HSA provides technical support and monitoring for quality improvement efforts such as with CMHC Quality Service Review (QSR) Quality Improvement Plans (QIP).


Sentinel Event Reporting

Sentinel Event reporting oversight involving individuals served by the Department, including data collection, coordination of cross–system reviews, and identifying system issues and opportunities for improvement. A sentinel event is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or risk thereof.