Information for FCESS Providers

Information and resources for Family Centered Early Supports and Services providers

Welcome to ESS Orientation

The Welcome to Early Supports & Services (ESS) orientation provides the basic information needed to be a service coordinator in the NH Part C of IDEA program in NH known as "Family-Centered Early Supports and Services". It also introduces the participant to the concepts upon which the ESS program is based: family centeredness, the provision of services in natural environments, eligibility determination, the IFSP development process, and the transition process out of ESS when the child turns 3 years of age. Completion of orientation is required for all ESS Service Providers, ESS Service Coordinators, and AA ESS Intake Coordinators. Other interested persons including family members and students are invited to participate if they would like.

In order to satisfactorily complete the orientation, the participants must:

  1. All modules and quizzes must be completed prior to orientation. Please contact the Part C Office to obtain the modules and quizzes.
  2. Ask their supervisor to sign-off on the "Supervisor Sign-Off" sheet attached below. The "Supervisor Sign-Off" sheet must be forwarded to the orientation coordinator prior to the orientation day to assure that the participant will receive a completion certificate. A completion certificate will be provided upon completion of an evaluation survey sent electronically following the session.
  3. Attend the entire 1 day Orientation Session.

Early Intervention Certification Process

The Early Intervention Specialist credential has been created to help professionals, without a specific license but working in programs throughout the state with specific skills and qualifications, to work as evaluators in the statewide Family Centered Early Supports and Services Program. The process requires an application with no fee. A Validator is assigned by the Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) to assure the candidate is capable in 67 competencies.
Who may apply:

  • Professionals working in an Early Supports and Services (ESS) program and with an interest in developing their ability to work in the field should apply. They will need two years of experience in ESS, a BA in a related field, certificate from "Welcome to ESS", and their director's recommendation; or
  • College graduates with a BA in Early Intervention, 6 months working in an ESS program, certificate from "Welcome to ESS", and recommendation from the director of the program should apply.


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