Lead Abatement Professionals

Information and resources regarding the licensing of Lead Abatement Professionals

Individuals cannot perform lead abatement or lead inspection work in the State of New Hampshire without a valid license.  For information on lead professional licensing, contact the Division of Public Health Services, Healthy Homes and Lead Poisoning Prevention Program.


Lead Abatement Work vs. Work That Disturbs Lead Paint 

It is important to know that there is a difference between lead abatement work and working on projects where there is lead paint.

Lead abatement projects are designed to permanently eliminate lead-based paint hazards. Abatement is sometimes ordered by the federal or state government, and can involve specialized techniques not typically used by most residential contractors. 

Non-abatement renovation, repair, and painting projects where there is lead paint requires that the work be done in a lead safe manner in accordance with EPA’s RRP rule


NH Licensed Lead Abatement Professionals

The Division of Public Health Services licenses and certifies businesses, lead inspectors, risk assessors, lead abatement supervisors, and lead abatement workers. Lists of companies available for hire can be found below.

  • Lead Abatement Performance Contractor - a business that conducts lead hazard reduction by means of abatement methods utilizing lead abatement supervisors and workers. To locate a NH Licensed Lead Abatement Contractor in your area. 
  • Lead Abatement Consulting Contractor - a business that conducts testing for the presence of lead-based paint and prepares reports of such inspections utilizing licensed lead inspectors or risk assessors. Companies that employ a Risk Assessor may also identify lead exposure hazards and conduct post-clearance activities including issuing certificates. To locate a NH Licensed Lead Risk Assessor or Lead Inspector in your area. 


Licensing Requirements

All applicants must attend training in the discipline they will be applying for through a NH Approved Lead Abatement Training Provider licensed by the Division of Public Health Services. With the exception of the lead abatement worker, all applicants must then take and pass both a 100 question EPA exam and a 25 question NH rules specific exam. To be licensed as a Lead Inspector or Risk Assessor also requires an apprenticeship. Please refer to section He-P 1612.02 Licensing or Certification Requirements of He-P 1600 to review all requirements before submitting an application.

Applications for licensure will only be accepted if completed in full. The Division of Public Health Services reviews all applications to determine if qualifications are met and the correct fee has been submitted. Both business and individual discipline applications can be found below.

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