Systems Work: Summer 2022 Supports Intensity Scale Adult Version (SIS-A™) Assessment Sample: Staff

Staff information and resources for SIS-A™, a valuable person-centered planning tool focusing on identifying how supports can help a person achieve their goals

Area Agency SIS-A™ Scheduler and Service Coordinator Information Sessions & Resources

There are a number of resources ready for review by Service Coordinators

  1. A step by step scheduling guide
  2. A SIS-A™ "Fact Sheet" to help with conversations with families
  3. Excel Face Sheet 

BDS’ intent is to change the standard process for scheduling SIS-A interviews as little as possible. However, three main changes are going to occur:

  • BDS will provide area agency executive directors with a list of individuals in their regions who are receiving services and are overdue (or near due) for their service renewal SIS-A assessment. 
  • BDS will share assessor availability with area agencies.
  • Service coordinators will be responsible for using a BDS provided tool to schedule appointments. 

To learn more about what’s expected of area agency staff, plan to attend one of our upcoming information sessions. These sessions are virtual and will include a Q&A portion. The recordings will be posted to this webpage. 

Information Sessions


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