Information for people who would receive child support


How will I receive my support payments?

You have the following options:

o Option 1: Direct Deposit: Direct deposit is an easy and safe way to receive support payments. Payments are sent automatically to an existing bank account. Enroll by completing an Authorization Agreement. Once you have provided all of the requested information and signed the Agreement, send page 1 to:

By mail: 

Department of Health and Human Services
 Office of Finance-Child Support Unit
 129 Pleasant Street
 Concord, NH 03301-3857

    Or Fax:  603-271-4787

    Or Email: BCSS-CIU@dhhs.nh.gov 

Please do not return the Agreement to your Child Support District Office as it will unnecessarily delay processing your request. For your protection, please write "Confidential" on the outside of the envelope.

o Option 2: New Hampshire Debit MasterCard®: The New Hampshire Debit MasterCard, known as the “Way2Go Card” is a secure and convenient way to receive support payments using a prepaid New Hampshire Debit MasterCard. Payments are electronically posted to the card providing immediate access to your support funds. For assistance with the Way2Go Card, please call 1-844-893-3127 or visit www.GoProgram.com

If you do not select a payment option within 2 weeks of receiving your electronic enrollment package, you will be enrolled in The New Hampshire Debit MasterCard program. For questions related to the NH Debit MasterCard Card enrollment process call 1-866-752-0040.

Will child support staff or the state attorney represent me?

The state’s attorney and Child Support staff assigned to your case represent the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (Department) and do not represent you or your child(ren). The state’s attorney and staff act on behalf of the Department to establish paternity; to establish, enforce, and modify child and medical support orders; and (if applicable) to obtain repayment for TANF provided for your child(ren).

We cannot help establish court orders for parenting, visitation, alimony or custody. You must do this separately and may wish to seek the advice of an attorney for these matters.

My card was lost or stolen. What do I do?

Report your lost or stolen card right away at 1-844-893-3127 or 1-866-752-0040, one will be replaced for you right away. 

Did you receive payments for me yet?

You can call The Voice Response System at 1-800-371-8844. This automated system provides payment information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Note, information is only updated Tuesday through Saturday early those mornings (not including holidays). Voice Response gives you the amount of the current payment and additional information based on the options you choose.


Register for an online account to:

  • Get updates on your case 
  • Get your payment history
  • Manage your personal info
  • Email your caseworker
  • Receive notices electronically

I receive Family Assistance (FANF or TANF) from the state. Do I have to use your services?

Recipients of Family Assistance benefits must, by law, participate and receive Child Support Services. If you receive public assistance in the form of FANF or TANF cash, you are required to cooperate with us to establish and enforce the support order.  While you receive these benefits, we will keep any support collected on behalf of your children to reimburse the public assistance paid to you. You may also be required to cooperate with us if you receive Medicaid for yourself and your children. For more information about this, please contact us. 

Can I accept payments direct from the parent ordered to pay?

Direct Payment is the term used to describe when the parent ordered to pay gives the support money to the parent or caregiver ordered to receive support without sending it through our agency.

If support is ordered payable through DHHS, you need to keep track of any direct payments made or received so that proper credit can be given to the parent ordered to pay support once your case is set up. Once you receive notice that your case is open, all payments must be submitted to the Child Support Regional Processing Center. The parent ordered to pay support or his or her employer will receive notice with instructions for submitting payments. If direct payments are made after you’ve been notified, credit may not be given to the parent ordered to pay support.

How do I report updated information to my Child Support Worker?

Information can be reported via the e-ChildSupport customer portal, by email at BCSS-CIU@dhhs.nh.gov.us or contact us by fax, phone, and mail.  

Do you charge a fee for Child Support Services?

There is a $35 Annual Fee for our services, charged to the person who receives support, as long as they never received Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).  Each year on October 1st, an Annual Service Fee of $35.00 is deducted from payments received in your case(s) after $550.00 has been sent to you. The fee is not charged if the person who receives support has ever received TANF Public Assistance on behalf of your children. If you have multiple cases, the fee is charged in each case.

How do I report my change of Address?

Register for an e-ChildSupport account and submit your change of address online 


Complete the Change of Address Form and fax/mail it to your District Office or the Central Information Unit. 

What if I am afraid of how the other parent may react to a child support case?

You are not alone. Many parents want or need child support and worry about getting child support safely.

This guide was developed in collaboration with the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges to help survivors of domestic violence make fully informed decisions about safety and child support services. Child support processes and safety modifications vary by state. The guide provides a sequence of questions that survivors and domestic violence advocates can ask to learn about safety measures available in their state. It also explains why it’s important for child support workers to discuss local safety measures with all recipients of child support services. 

What can I expect during the establishment process?

For information on the establishment process please visit the Paternity & Support Order Establishment page. 

What can I expect during the enforcement process?

For information on the enforcement process please visit the Child Support Enforcement page.

How do I change my court order?

Support orders can only be changed by the court that issued the original support order if: 

o three years have passed since the date of the most recent order for support or 

o there has been a substantial change in circumstances

We may be able to help you with this. Contact us if you have a case, you can request that we review your order.

If you have a NH order, you can use this Modification Kit to help guide you through the process. You may choose to hire your own attorney for this.

How long is child support collected?

Pursuant to RSA 461-A-14, New Hampshire Child Support is payable until the dependent turns 18 or is out of high school, whichever occurs later; becomes married or a member of the armed services; is declared legally dependent beyond that age due to mental or physical disability; or unless the court has otherwise ordered support to continue beyond age 18. Your court order will not change as each dependent emancipates unless you have a "per child" order or bring your order back to court. Child Support Orders issued in another state may be payable longer. You can check the Federal Office of Child Support's Intergovernmental Website for other state's regulations for age of majority.

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