Information for People Ordered to Pay Child Support


How do I pay my child support?

If you are employed, your child support may be paid by Income Withholding.  For other ways to make your payment please see our Make a Payment page

Will child support staff or the state attorney represent me?

The state’s attorney and Child Support staff assigned to your case represent the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (Department) and do not represent you or your child(ren). The state’s attorney and staff act on behalf of the Department to establish paternity; to establish, enforce, and modify child and medical support orders; and (if applicable) to obtain repayment for TANF provided for your child(ren).

We cannot help establish court orders for parenting, visitation, alimony or custody. You must do this separately and may wish to seek the advice of an attorney for these matters.

How do I provide updated information to BCSS?

You can; e-mail, provide information electronically, mail, fax and call.  For more information on these options please see the Contact page.  

Can I make payments direct to the person who is owed support?

Direct Payment is the term used to describe when the person ordered to pay support pays the person ordered to receive support directly and not through us.

If support is ordered payable through us (BCSS or DHHS or the State) and you want credit for your payments, you need to keep track and provide proof of payments you make directly to the person ordered to receive support. Once you receive notice that your case is open, all payments must be submitted to the Child Support Regional Processing Center. You will receive instructions for submitting your payments. If direct payments are made after the case is set up, you may not receive credit for those payments.

How do I know if a payment I made was received?

  • Register for an e-ChildSupport Account.  Enjoy easy access to your case specific information. 
  • Call The Voice Response System at 1-800-371-8844. This automated system provides payment information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Note, information is only updated Tuesday through Saturday early in those mornings (not including holidays).  Voice Response gives you the amount of the current payment and additional information based on the options you choose.

What happens during the establishment process?

Please see the Paternity and Support Order Establishment page for information regarding this process. 

How do I change my court order?

Support orders can only be changed by the court that issued the original support order if: 

  • three years have passed since the date of the most recent order for support or 
  • there has been a substantial change in circumstances

We may be able to help you with this. If you have a case with us, you can request that we review your order.  Please contact us for more information.  

If you have a NH order order, you can use the Modification Kit to help guide you through the process. You may choose to hire your own attorney for this.

What can I expect during the enforcement process?

For information on the enforcement process please visit the Child Support Enforcement page.

How long is child support collected?

Pursuant to RSA 461-A-14, New Hampshire Child Support is payable until the dependent turns 18 or is out of high school, whichever occurs later; becomes married or a member of the armed services; is declared legally dependent beyond that age due to mental or physical disability; or unless the court has otherwise ordered support to continue beyond age 18. Your court order will not change as each dependent emancipates unless you have a "per child" order or bring your order back to court. Child Support Orders issued in another state may be payable longer. You can check the Federal Office of Child Support's Intergovernmental Website for other state's regulations for age of majority.

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