Children's Behavioral Health - Acute Crisis Care

Information and resources to help children, youth, and families in need of crisis care

Children, youth, and families in need of crisis care have many ways to get the help they need. This page is a guide on what types of care they can get during a crisis. What is a crisis? Any time a child, youth, or family cannot handle a mental, emotional, or substance problem. What that looks like for you will be different than someone else. You get to decide if you need help.


New Hampshire's Rapid Response

24-hour services are available by for any child, youth, or family in crisis 1 (833) 710-6477. NHRR has people who can talk, chat or text with anyone and/or cane send a Rapid Response Team to meet in person. Learn more about NHRRAP.


Emergency Departments

All local Emergency Departments are equipped to respond to a crisis and can connect children and families with other services they need – like inpatient treatment at Hampstead Hospital.


Psychiatric Hospitalization

Some crises cannot be safely taken care of at home. At those times inpatient treatment may be needed to help your child. 
Learn more about NH’s psychiatric hospital for children and youth. Learn more about the Hampstead Hospital and Residential Treatment Facility.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I call the Access Point?

There are so many things that people may need help with. JUST REACH OUT and the Access Point will work to guide you.

How do I contact the Access Point?

  • Call, text, or chat - 24 hours a day 7 days a week and work with crisis operator for whatever problems you may be facing.

What if I can't wait?

Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department. 

What can the Access Point do to help?

Crisis Operators can:

  • Listen to any problems
  • Use skills to lower stress
  • Link with other services
  • Make a crisis plan
  • Follow-up with you after a crisis

What is it like when I want or need a Rapid Response (RR) Team to see me or my loved one?

The RR Teams are run by the 10 Community Mental Health Centers and cover the entire state of New Hampshire. Rapid Response Teams have to respond to a request from the Access Point within 5 minutes. Rapid Response Teams call prior to coming to see the person in crisis. It can take up to an hour for the Rapid Response Team to come. Rapid Response Teams can come in-person with two people or by telehealth if needed.

What do the RR Teams do to help?

  • Travel to the a place to meet with the person in crisis in-person or by telehealth if needed
  • Teams of peers and therapists to support and assess 
  • Give follow-up appointments and make referrals

Where can the RR Teams meet you?

  • Public places (like a park or store)
  • Secure places (like a school or fire department)
  • Private places (like a home or office)

Who can ask for an RR Team to come see someone?

  • The person in crisis
  • A loved one 
  • Their family
  • First responders
  • Their care team
  • Their school

How do they know where to go?

If you decide a RR Team is needed to help with whatever problem is happening - The Access Point will get a location from you and then look to see what RR Team would be nearest. The Access Point does not know your location based on your call text or chat. You tell them that when you need someone to see you.

How much does it cost to call/text/chat the Access Point?

Nothing. The NH Rapid Response Access Point is operated on behalf of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

How much does it cost to see a Rapid Response Team?

These services are not free but are meant to be at no cost to the person in crisis. Contact your local Community Mental Health Center if you do get a bill and they will help you get those costs covered. The New Hampshire Community Mental Health Centers operate the New Hampshire Rapid Response Teams.