Transitional Residential Enhanced Care Coordination (TRECC)

Information and resources detailing the Transitional Residential Enhanced Care Coordination (TRECC) program is designed to help children and families navigate transitions between residential treatment or inpatient psychiatric treatment back to the community.

What is TRECC? 

The Transitional Residential (and Psychiatric) Enhanced Care Coordination (TrECC) program represents a major shift in the norm of residential treatment episodes (Residential programs or Psychiatric setting) for youth and their families. It is designed to bridge gaps in knowledge and communication, to break down barriers to treatment, and to use data driven practice to provide the most effective but shortest duration of treatment so that youth experience a successful return to their homes and communities.



Goals of TRECC

TR-ECC coordinators work with the youth, family and existing teams (including DCYF if involved) and the residential treatment program by: 

  • Making referrals to supportive community services
  • Assisting families with applying for services or Medicaid
  • Providing Aftercare
  • Helping share reports and documentation to teams and courts if needed
  • Attending treatment team meetings
  • Conducting ongoing assessments by utilizing the CANS & Preparedness Tool

How to connect with TRECC

Inquires or referrals for TRECC can be sent to Referrals are being tracked and prioritized by the Bureau for Children’s Behavioral Health. Due to workforce capacity, there is a timeline established to support the growth of the TRECC services.