Early Childhood Wraparound

Information and resources on the Early Childhood Wraparound (Enhance Care Coordination) program that focuses on prevention and treatment of behavioral health needs children ages 0-5.

What is Early Childhood Wraparound?

The FAST Forward Early Childhood Wraparound program aims to address the unique mental and behavioral health needs of at-risk young children (ages 0-5) and their caregivers by providing enhanced care coordination through the state’s two Care Management Entities (CME), NFI North Inc. and Connected Families New Hampshire. The CMEs provide a modified version of the evidence-based practice of NH Wraparound, which provides support to families in figuring out what their strengths and needs are and connecting the family with appropriate supports in their communities.

Who is eligible?

Children aged 0-5 and their caregivers

Dual Eligibility Criteria:

  • Children who may already have a mental health diagnosis or who have mental health or behavioral concerns.
  • Caregivers who are dealing with their own mental health needs, have current/past substance use, are in recovery, have had a history of their own adverse experiences in childhood, have other systems involved with the family such as DCYF, and/or there are concerns for abuse/neglect; all of which are impacting the child's needs.

What services can you expect along with Early Childhood Wraparound?

All services are based on child/caregiver needs. Along with care coordination there may be referrals such as:

  • Child-Parent Psychotherapy, an evidence based practice, or other mental health services.
  • Home visiting programs, parent education programs
  • Family Centered Early Supports and Services
  • Other services as needed.

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