Cancer Registry

The New Hampshire State Cancer Registry (NHSCR) is a statewide, population-based cancer surveillance program that collects incidence data on all cancer cases diagnosed or treated in the State of New Hampshire.

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Cancer became a reportable disease in NH in 1985, and since 1986, NHSCR has been charged to identify all new cases of cancer occurring among NH residents. DHHS has overall responsibility for NHSCR.

The Cancer Registry:

  • Receives the cancer data set from the NH State Cancer Registry (NHSCR) in accordance with NH Administrative Rules;
  • Analyzes information from reported records of new cancer cases to:
    • Assess the cancer burden in the population;
    • Elucidate the causes of the many different cancers;
    • Investigate the risk factors associated with cancer;
    • Evaluate and plan patient care services; and
    • Evaluate early diagnosis and treatment programs.
  • Distributes statistical reports to government agencies and other requesting public and private organizations.

The NHSCR currently receives:

  • Case reports from hospital registrars operating in all the large hospitals in NH. Hospitals with relatively smaller caseloads of cancer (fewer than 100 cases per year) generally do not have their own cancer registry and NHSCR staff help these hospitals with their reporting duties;
  • Case reports from physician practices, free standing radiation oncology centers, out-of-state pathology laboratories and other sources, as required by NH Administrative Rules;
  • Case reports from other states that diagnosed NH resident cases, based on agreements of information exchange with other states; and
  • Information, which includes:
    • Personal information on cancer patients including their age, sex, race, ethnicity and residence, and
    • Information on a patient's primary tumor and treatment including date of diagnosis, method of detection, topography, morphology, behavior, clinical extent, staging, metastases, multiple primaries, laterality and first course of treatment.
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Cancer tends to develop over several years and often takes a significant amount of time to collect complete information on diagnosis, treatment and outcome.