Immunization Guidance for Adults

All adults need immunizations to protect their health. This page provides immunization information and resources for adults.

Adults Need Vaccines, Too!

Find everything you need to know about all of the recommended vaccines for adults from the CDC:

  • Adult Vaccination Schedule
  • Adults with Health Conditions
  • Learn what vaccines are recommended for you
  • Vaccines for travelers

If you are an adult, 19 years and older, without health insurance or with health insurance that only covers select vaccines or none at all, you may be eligible to receive recommended vaccines through one of the clinical providers below. NOTE: There may be an administration charge (cost for a medical professional to give the vaccine of no more than $22.02).

See the list of NH Health Care Providers Offering Vaccine to Eligible Adults at no charge.

Many colleges and technical schools require that students are up to date on certain vaccines before enrollment. This helps prevent germs from spreading quickly in classrooms or communal living spaces. Getting vaccinated against certain preventable diseases is a safe and effective way to protect yourself and your community. Check out CDC’s recommendations for college and technical school applicants to find out what may be required for you.

CDC Resources

Adult Vaccine Assessment Tool

Vaccine Assessment for Adults

Adults need vaccines too! Answer a few quick questions to find out which vaccines you may need.

To find out what vaccines you may need, check out the Adult Vaccine Assessment Tool. Vaccines are recommended for adults based on age, health conditions, job, and other factors. 

No personal information will be retained by CDC. *This vaccine assessment tool applies to adults 19 years or older.