Hospital Discharge Data

The New Hampshire Uniform Healthcare Facility Discharge Data Set (UHFDDS) is one of the most useful and complete datasets available to public health officials and health care planners, who use the data for the purposes of assessing hospital utilization and the incidence and burden of disease and injury among New Hampshire residents. Discharge data is released back to the hospitals and to other entities upon request for independent study and analysis.


All hospitals licensed by the New Hampshire Department under RSA 151:2 are required by law to report patient-level discharge information to the DHHS, under the authority of RSA 126-25 and Administrative Rule He-C 1500. Discharges are also collected from select rehabilitation hospitals, rehabilitation and psychiatric units within acute care hospitals, and from free-standing ambulatory surgical treatment centers that are part of a hospital.

Accessing NH UHFDDS Data

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Division of Public Health Services (DPHS) in partnership with their vendor, the New Hampshire Hospital Association (NHHA), and their subcontractor receive, process, edit, and validate the data received by 30 reporting hospitals in the state of New Hampshire. Once the data is validated, it is transferred to DHHS DPHS for storing and formatting the Confidential (Analytical) Dataset, Limited Use Dataset, and Public Use Datasets.

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